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Chichester Meeting starts in England in the 17th Century where William Clayton, one of the founders of the meeting in the colonies was a member of the Chichester Meeting in Sussex. By the way in England the name is pronounced with a short "i' as in "chit - chester". Follow the links below and search on the page for "William Clayton".

Detailed historical information can be found in The History of Delaware County by Henry Graham Ashmead found here: (see page 450). George Smith's history of Delaware County also has some interesting facts: (see page 136 for the Chichester name)

The Delaware County Planning Departmenthas a brief history of the township here:

There are voluminous amounts of information on Quakers. Here are two good sources on early Friends:

The National Historic Register process produced a report for the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) which has a detailed history of Chichester Meeting with an emphasis on the meetinghouse design and construction here:

Information on who is buried in the cemetery is here:

Meetinghouse Wikipedia Page: